26th Jan 2023

Millivolt VS IPI Gas Fireplaces

Millivolt and IPI fireplaces are both types of gas fireplaces, but they operate differently. A millivolt fireplace uses a thermocouple to generate electricity that powers the gas valve, allowing the f …

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7th Jan 2023

How to Buy an Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you're a serious home cook and are looking to invest in a high-quality outdoor pizza oven, there are a few key factors to consider. These ovens can be a significant investment, so it's important to …

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Posted by Christopher T. on 2nd Jan 2023

Can a Fireplace insert Heat my Whole House?

Certainly! A fireplace insert can be a great addition to any home and can help to make your fireplace a more effective and efficient heat source.There are several factors that can impact the ability o …

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23rd Dec 2022

How to buy a Gas Insert?

Determine your needs: Consider the size of the space you want to heat, your budget, and any additional features you might want, such as a remote control or a thermostat.Research different brands and m …

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