Empire Boulevard Ventless Linear Gas Fireplace 72"

White Mountain Hearth
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With a true 72-inch viewing area, contemporary linear burner, and in-floor LED lighting, the Empire Boulevard Ventless Linear Gas Fireplace - 72” adds beauty, warmth, and ambiance to any space! A dynamic flame presentation and 99% efficiency will keep you entertained and cozy as you relax by the fire. The included multi-function thermostatic remote and wall-mounted LED lighting control allows you to conveniently adjust the flame height and accent lighting to create the perfect ambiance in any setting.

Customize the design to match your decor with your choice of firebox liner, decorative trim kit, fire glass, and optional gas log media. The black porcelain liner reflects the flames for an elegant yet dramatic look while the stainless steel liner provides a bright, contemporary feel. Choose between a simple black ¾-inch frame, decorative matte black 1½-inch beveled front, or install tile, stone, or plaster up to the fireplace opening for a seamless finish. Decorative fronts include barrier screens to prevent contact with the hot glass, keeping little ones and pets safe.

The Empire Boulevard Ventless Linear Gas Fireplace - 72” features an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system and battery back-up for convenient use during power outages. The multi-function thermostatic remote allows you to control the flame height with six flame settings and functions as a programmable room thermostat to achieve your optimal comfort level. Simply press the On/Off control whenever you’d like to enjoy a fire or use the Smart Thermostat function to set and maintain your desired room temperature. The thermostat anticipates heat output and varies the flame height up or down based on the difference between the programmed temperature and the actual temperature for consistent warmth and reduced heat fluctuations throughout the room.


  • 99% efficiency
  • Made in the USA
  • Fine mesh barrier screen
  • Ventless linear design with contemporary burner
  • In-floor LED lighting with wall-mounted control module
  • 40,000 BTU rating for Natural Gas, 38,500 BTU rating for Liquid Propane
  • Electronic IPI system with battery back-up and multi-function thermostatic remote
  • Your choice of firebox liner, trim kit, and fire glass media
  • Optional hand-painted ceramic fiber driftwood gas logs and stones available