Mendota FV41 Arch Gas Fireplace FullView

Available in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.
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The Mendota FV41 Arch beautiful, arched fullview gas fireplace. This powerful heater puts out between 1,622 and 40,000 BTU. The FV41 is highly customizable, you can have your choice of front, log set, and more! If you’re looking for an elegant, stand-out centerpiece for your living room, you can make this fireplace uniquely your own.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative source of heat or you want a beautiful focal point for your living room, this fireplace is great for you!

The Mendota FV41 Arch gas fireplace is incredibly customizable, with a stunning selection of design options to choose from. Whatever your style, from contemporary elegance to traditional ambiance, you can make the FV41 fit perfectly into your space. These design options include:

  • Fronts

  • Interior Lining

  • Log sets

  • Media

  • And more


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