Stuv 16-58 cube

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Stuv 16 Cube Wood Burning Stove
The Stûv 16 stove family is totally unique, with its clean lines showcasing the flames to perfection. Wood burning stoves that are both sober and pure of line and emphasize the viewing of the flames. Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 16-cube the ideal wood heating solution whether as your main or supplemental heating or simply for pleasure. Ultra-enhanced combustion techniques guarantee fantastic performance. The endless possibilities that they offer mean that there is one perfect solution for every home. Stûv fires are easy to install, and particularly well suited to low-energy houses. Welcome home! Stûv 16... An innovative, out-of-the-ordinary range.

Stûv 16/58-Cube - 23” wide x 24" tall x 18" deep - 17 1/2"w x 16 3/8"h Glass - 300lbs

2020 EPA Certified: Emissions 1.47g/h - 40,000 Max BTU (27,015 EPA) - 17" Log Length - 1.59 cu.ft. Firebox