Stuv 21-85 wood fireplace

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 Stûv 21 wood fireplaces are manufactured to blend into the decor, the fire becomes the center of attraction. These modern fireplace models also feature a retractable window that can be raised or lowered for an open or closed fire.

Frameless guillotine glass window

Stûv 21 wood fireplace models have a guillotine glass window. There is no frame at the bottom to affect the view of the fire.

A maximum view of the fire

Only a delicate steel frame delimits the combustion chamber of Stûv 21 wood fireplaces, providing a wider view of the fire.

Heat up to 1 800 ft²
(60 000 BTU)

Tilting door for easier maintenance

Wide choice of frames and front panels


Convection system and insulated shell

The Stûv 21 convection system consists of two room air inlets and two hot air outlets. It serving two purposes: to temper the combustion chamber of the fireplace and to release heat into the room to warm the house. A shell made of steel and insulating wool allows secure installation of the Stûv 21 into combustible materials.

Tilting door

Once the window has been fully lowered, the door can be tilted forward to facilitate cleaning of the glass and to ensure future maintenance of the seals and other components of the Stûv 21.

Invisible slides

The slides for raising or lowering the Stûv 21 glass are placed in the door frame to facilitate access during maintenance. Their impeccable finish means that they are not visible once the wood fireplace door is raised.

Accessible pulley system

The cables and pulleys of the Stûv 21, although hidden, have been designed to be accessible at all times to facilitate future maintenance without having to remove the perimeter and finish.

Large combustion chamber

The combustion chamber of the Stûv 21 is shallow, so that it is used to the maximum of its capacity. You get a guaranteed result : a spectacular fire.


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