STUV 6-in 76x60 wood insert

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Stûv 6, innovation through design & experience.

The Stûv 6-in is a wood-burning insert suited to small spaces while offering a generous view of the fire. It is perfect for masonry hearths and for wood-fire enthusiasts.

The fire at the front line

Stûv 6-in units offer a breathtaking view of the fire. The combustion chamber widens toward the front to reach the streamlined door frame. This shape, unique to Stûv 6-in, has made it possible to reduce the insert dimensions while making the fire the focus.

Automatic control mode

The Stûv 6-in’s air intake is factory-configured to perfectly calibrate the amount of air in the combustion chamber for optimal performance. Gone are the days of having to constantly adjust the damper to increase or decrease the air supply in the combustion chamber. With Stûv 6-in, simply light the fire, sit back and enjoy.

Heating power adapted to the smallest spaces

The Stûv 6-in is a wood-burning insert perfectly suited to the smaller hearths of yesteryear while meeting today's needs, in homes that are better insulated and already have a main heating system. Stûv 6-in produces a gentle, pleasant warmth for ultimate comfort.

Installation casing

The combustion chamber’s detachable casing makes installing Stûv 6-in a breeze. Separated from the heavier, cast iron combustion chamber, the lightweight support casing greatly simplifies the installation process.

Bi-metal system

The difference in thermal expansion of two metal plates built into the bottom of the combustion chamber allows the fireplace to autonomously manage the amount of air that is needed to start a fire. This helps bring in the air that is needed and makes it easier to start a fire when the unit is cold.

Double hook door

The hinged door of the Stûv 6-in has two hooks to ensure its solidity and make the combustion chamber even more airtight.

Combustion chamber in cast iron

The Stûv 6-in combustion chamber is made of cast iron. It thus ensures high heat resistance and maximizes the unit performance.

Streamlined design that allows the fireplace to be recessed into smaller masonry hearths while enhancing the experience with a large view of the fire. A solution without compromise.

Heat up to
1 400 ft2 - 64 000 BTU/h (EPA)