Wood Burning Fireplace

What is a wood fireplace insert?

Often called a wood stove insert, the wood fireplace insert is essentially a legless stove that is inserted into an existing fireplace. A structure designed to convert into a heat source. Unlike factory-made fireplaces, wood-burning fireplace inserts are not designed to be built into just the assembled walls.


Wood-burning fireplace inserts must be used with properly rated artificial or brick fireplaces. An outer frame called a skirt helps cover the gap between the edge of the insert and the chimney. Depending on your installation, you may need a flexible liner to resize your fireplace's large flue. Due to the high efficiency of the fireplace insert, the exhaust gas temperature is low. Therefore, a smaller trigger is required for the insert to function properly.


Now you know the difference. A wood-burning fireplace is a brick or prefabricated firebox that serves as a burning chamber for wood. But a wood-burning fireplace insert is really like a baseless stove designed to fit in your existing fireplace.