Lexington Hearth Half-Round Sleeper Pale Honey Non-Combustible Mantle

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Sleeper beams are part of the support structure of old buildings, and are usually hidden from view in walls and under floor boards. Because they were hidden, the craftsmen didn’t bother to remove the bark from the logs. To save time, only the tops and bottoms were hand-hewn leaving the live-edge in its natural state. Years later, the rustic charm of these beams has been revealed and a bright spotlight now shines on their hidden beauty.
The Pale Honey finish is reminiscent of the pale golden color of bourbon after a few years aging in a charred oak barrel. Light brown base color with light honey mid-tones, pale grey shadows, and finished with cream highlights.
Our Half-Round Sleeper mantel is molded directly from a 7.5” x 6” beam which features a pine bark texture, rough-hewn tool marks, insect damage, checks & splits, and character knots.

· Intricate details on all exposed edges

· Retains the natural beauty of wood - without the splinters

· Non-combustible BurncreteTM casting formulation

· Includes mounting bracket and fasteners

· Available in 5’ or 6’ lengths

· Individually hand-painted

Made in USA